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What is Debt Settlement?
Unlike debt consolidation grant loans that pay off the remainder of debts, debt settlement involves negotiating with creditors. In debt settlement, a debtor reaches an agreement with creditors to either eliminate the remaining owed amount, or get a certain fixed amount to be paid off.

Hire a Debt Settlement Lawyer: When going through a debt settlement, it is important to review tax returns, property deeds, mortgages, investments, credit cards, business records, bank accounts and pension plan statements in order to make sure you will not run into future legal problems. A debt settlement lawyer can negotiate with creditors on your behalf to help reduce the debt amount that you must re-pay. A debt settlement lawyer can call creditors and speak to them about stopping late fees, penalties and other components of your account.  

Find a Debt Settlement Lawyer: If you need a debt settlement lawyer that will deal directly with creditors on your behalf, Attorney Search Network can help. Contact us today to find a debt settlement lawyer in your area.

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